I go nowhere in this daydream I just stay
at home and walk along the walls.
The driver at the end of the night told me a story
about the time he caught a fly ball off
the bat of someone he could never name,
but still it was a pretty good game.

I trade in all my tickets at the counter
after hours of just relentless racing
video games. At the arrival of the total
I am escorted to the back room where they
tell me I’ve become the brightest one,
but I walked out of there before
they were done.

From a reflection in the stream that didn’t
match up much to me I got the word that
all the sky was coming down.
Although, I never went and told the town.
Instead I took a spyglass and a playlist
of the best and I just watched it,
from my rooftop, break apart
across the corners of the clouds.

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