A Place To Meet And Start The Night

A terrace overflows with late night
people dressed to beat the evening cold.
They sit across from each other with
their elbows on the the table leaning in,
and whisper rumors about mutual acquaintances.
The servers balance trays of coffee
matching the sky above them in its shade,
while others prepare the wine bottles
and remove their stubborn corks with just a blade.
Well trained dogs all lay quietly under
the various tables panting quickly,
but otherwise bothering no one.
Smoke plumes gather together above them
from all the cigarettes and pipes as if
just being there is a fusion of their souls.
A loud car pulls up on the roadside
opening its door and three young
women recognize their ride
and pile on inside to sing their songs
out all the windows as the engine rushes
over endless night. The world was all
in yellow light from the old school
gas run streetlamps that the city never
dreamed they’d need to change.

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