River Valley

This is the land of the barely attempted
where the worthy dreams are deemed
to be anything but. Everything is grown
somewhere and out the curved car window
I can see that it is here. Futures predicted
by highway advertisements, if you can’t
see it than it must not be an option.
A factory looking for forklift operators
bribes potential hires with a billboard
promising frequent breaks and tickets
to minor league hockey games all for free.
That never was enough for me
on those Sunday drives when I would
look for any sign that wasn’t printed.
She sat with her legs up on the dashboard
next to me not concerned with the looming
chance she could be torn in half by the air bag.
I guess she trusted I was too afraid to die.
We got so high out there where the lights
couldn’t restrict what we could see,
and in our smoke filled revelry
I knew I what I wanted to be.
The comets fell like rain across the pavement.

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