Heavy sleeping just the same
as the most rainy summer nights
bring gaps in time with tile floors
made in the image of industrial
conveyor belts.

I am moved
in all directions at the behest
of all the random wills and there
are chills running both East and West
along the center of my forehead.

They say my music is dead
when they hear it playing out
my window. The parking lot
is almost empty aside
from me and all the haters
with their coats far too heavy for
the heat within the evening,
but looks can be deceiving.

I take her to look at dinosaur bones
and she is under impressed at the sheer
scale of them. These colossal lizards
reconstructed with the hindsight
of their era didn’t think that there
was anything above them.

We inhale each other’s exhales
on the front steps of the museum
while we wait for the cab I called
because my car was in the shop
getting some dents removed.

I know deep down I didn’t make
the mark that I was aiming for,
but still I held the door
and showed her to her seat.
The dashboard ornaments were Japanese
figures in the likeness of robots
that seemed familiar, but I couldn’t
put my finger on their origin.

A long forgotten shopping cart,
so overgrown with weeds
it can’t be saved from breaking down
just like a fresh death in the forest
doomed forever to be eaten where it lies.
On the ride home we both feel alone
and simply watch the skies,
but pray about a better day tomorrow.

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