One Day

Can you feel my heart she asked
afraid to hear the answer.
They were sitting on a bench swing
by the pond where all the beer cans
in the grass served as a surface for the rain.
A man far out was just a blur on the bank
but if they squinted they could see a catfish
on the hook he hoisted high above his head.
They had been in love before but never
quite the derailed train ride they were in for.
It was cold out but the whisky in their opaque
water bottles was their fire.
He was a liar and he knew that, but she believed
he could be better like the weather
out a Midwest morning window.
There are no monuments to the well fought
romance in this world, beyond the connotations
of Paris and other skylines, but there will be
one day.
Maybe the two of them will meet there
in an unplanned twist of fate to set things right,
and everything will be like comets passing by
however rare, but always beautiful and bright.

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