A man and woman forage
for food in a forest meant for bigger things.
The colossal trees like pillars for the sky.
Reaching into knot holes
they pull squirrels out
that they slam against the rocks.
He carved her a squirrel out of wood
as symbol of her infinite ferocity.
The vines around them brushed against them
like they were moving in a crowd.
The air was loud with all the chewing
and the screams.
Two bright lights like signal beams
marked the temple at the center of the forest.
It was well within reach now, but they camped out
for the night, and as they watched those burning lights
it became clear to them the trajectory of the universe.
It was the fire that they slept around the insects
in the trees, her chocolate colored eyes,
and all the red ones looking in from where it’s dark.

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