Potholes so deep they pulled whole cars
into hell were weaved between by those
who payed attention. Late night laundromat
bulletin boards get vandalized or filled up
with empty offers. A woman washed her
shirt and watched it spin in just her bra,
and was the only reason a young boy
looked up from his video games.
She saw him look and caught
ire from his mother reading quietly
in her trench coat only articles to keep
up with the new.

Unsupervised teenagers all spread the news
from one dark alley to the next.
Long knives under yellow streetlights
shined brightly peeling apple skin
with razor blade precision.
The tail lights gave them infinite choices
but only one decision. Stray dogs
fucked out in the open and were pelted
with the filters of half-smoked cigarettes
still leaking fumes.

Cheap rooms for the high school
distant past and the upset outlook
that Bethany carried above her through
the corridors. Tonight was finally the night
they would consummate their hatred for their parents,
and find within themselves that ancient
evil power that has so often forced two souls
to stay together. As an epilogue to an average
screw they took in the view from,
just their humble balcony.
They fell asleep with their faces connected
their contact was armor completely protected,
and the windows were diminished
behind a curtain of polluted rain, and in the morning
they’d behave themselves but nothing after that
could be the same.

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