They’ve always known you have to
get them young. Put them into
boxes with each other, and watch
it all play out. Keep count of who
plays along the most with red ink.
It is either a stand in for your own
blood, or a simple mark of those
who are anointed.
The windows are the first test,
and they beware the ones who watch
them in a daze.
There is only one way forward
for them now.

We take in what we kill we always have.
Even when it was just rabbits with stones,
and the sun was a God that looked down on us.
We wanted something that could kill
and be ridden past the sky.
We wanted the highways, and the guns,
and the airplanes. We put to death
all the famous faces, but the technicians
were all just lackeys out for hire.
The ones who came up with these
gears of conformity, are the same
who lead those masses to the fire.

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