This time she hoped the gravestones
would be accurate and that the names
would match the teeth attached
inside. She wore nothing they
had seen before and even
through six feet of earth
the jaws of all the skeletons were dropped.
They released a jar of butterflies
because doves were too expensive,
and a few of them were eaten
by the sparrows waiting nearby
in the trees. From the hilltop they could
finally see the expanse of all
the weeping crowds below them.
The graves went on
for miles in every direction.
Priests from every God were there,
their sermons only trash talk
for the fist fights that broke out
beyond the parking lot.
Still, the stained glass windows
of the mausoleum made it feel
like other worlds were somehow
possible, and that no one ever died
except the people who were happy
to be dead.

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