There is no sickness on this earth
that comes with any mercy.
A sheer lack of it is what makes
them so destructive.
Rampaging like invisible fire
they empty out the world.
A bottle overturned so that
it spreads across the floor
like spilling blood.
There is no medicine for this
in fact the cures are hidden
in the deepest gaps of our
imaginations. How do we fix
so much at once?
Money now is meaningless,
and they make more of it
through intentional accounting
errors in the favor of the future
in for as it continues on the present.
They hand it out for nothing
to the people who have been hoarding
everything in accounts
for their vacation funds,
as they fire all the people
catching colds.
They broke the molds
when they made us. A people
with the best suited so far
from any power there stands
a tower for the deified,
and nothing for the ones who died.
Take a deep breath now
and hold it in forever.

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