What happens next? In this place
where the gargoyles are made
out of flesh and the worshipers
of worries, doubts, and stone.
I will note atone for what I say
because of popular consensus
in the wrong. When only those
who hate the world will listen.

A chocolate milkshake spilled
into a pothole at a drive through,
is watered down by the falling rain.
While parents force their children
to hear tapes regarding pain.
They never listen though.
There’s music in their headphones.

People use debt to purchase
discounted summer clothes
in the middle of winter.
Layers are the strategy,
but that’s as far as it goes.
At night they plead for harmless
snow. The kind that doesn’t
even stick to cars.

Telephone wires block the view
out the window so you teach
yourself to see what moves
inside them. Conversations
between everyone from everywhere,
mix with cable feeds and internet
connections. There’s still not much to
notice in the never ending stream
because everyone that’s out there
is the same.

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