Two acquaintances see each other
again but decide not to speak.
He stands by the window tables
looking out for who he came to meet,
but she was crossing the road between
a bunch of people, staring at the signs,
loud in the life lines.
Someone was leaning
out their apartment window
and yelling at the streets, and
his screams were all about
how we were pawns.

A crane lifts metal up to be added
to a structure meant to tower over all.
The cool weather and shady skies
brought a morale to work they hadn’t had
all summer. The lunch trucks were overly
loud that day, but they offered extra
sandwiches as a way to say
they were sorry for all of the noise.
Compared to the jackhammers
and power saws, most had accepted
they would be deaf by the time
they retired.

At the bottom a man is arrested
for throwing an empty bottle
at a passing woman. He drunkenly
explains he thought she was his sister
and that he missed her anyway
so what’s the problem?
The cops beat him like they did
when they ran security at shopping centers,
and would catch kids stealing comics
from the shelves.
The day ends with headlights pointing
outward at the rolling hills
and the rising falling motion
of escaping from the crowds
that just want everything
that breaths to throw a party.

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