Eating what they find one bite
at a time they walk along the treeline
of the woods so overgrown
there is no entrance.
It is possible to learn to see the faces
in the foliage, and they have this
power between them like a canteen
full of water they all share.
Only one is aware at a time
and through the rotten bark
and vines there was something moving
like a squid deep in the ocean.

A pair of traveling magicians,
both in equal awkward hats,
traded tricks with each other
going separate ways out
on the roadside. One made
coins appear in his palms
and he would cut them out
with razor blades.
The other made an owl
out of feathers and some
pebbles from the street.
Jamming the coins into the owl’s
eye sockets the soulless bird
flew away seeing all of the value
in everything, but was blind
to all the sky around its wings.

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