Kids dig through their parents
drawers to find anything
that tells them whats been hidden.
This could be as small
as the password for all the blocked
T.V. channels or a letter about
some baggage in the past.
Although it’s all mostly trash.
Old magazines about outdated
entertainment for people
who don’t like to read.
All the fun you need is in sticking
your neck out for something
you think could be better.
Black and white pictures
of old friends they’ve never seen,
but maybe were mentioned
in overheard conversations
on long car rides when both adults
just assumed everyone was asleep.
In the end they come up with nothing,
and put everything back how it was,
but sometimes when they’re awake at night
they think about the questions,
still unanswered, while the ceiling
of their room becomes a galaxy.
The things they see just cannot be

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