Harpoons in the sides of skyscrapers
like they were monsters to be killed.
Skulls with no craniums just an empty
place where people used to think.
The water towers are crushing
in on themselves from the pressure
like giant soda cans stepped on
in the street.

A man with a dead eye sprints
to the roof of his apartment
to set his pigeons free
and watches them escape
a city he could never dream
of getting out of.
Bankers cut their desks in half
with chainsaws rented in a hurry
from a hardware store where all
the people working owe them money.

A woman with a gun in her hand
stands over the shaking profile
of the man behind the curtain,
and it is in this moment that
she gets to decide the kind
of revolution this is going to be.
The ships in the harbor
are commandeered by bar band
musicians shrouded in clouds
of smoke, and as a joke
they fire cannons at the sky.

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