Boredom, The Ever Present Excuse

People have dismissive conversations
over carryout fast food, and when they
throw their balled up wrappers toward
the garbage they always seem to miss
in such a way that the wind takes
whatever they thought they were killing,
and puts it somewhere no one tries to chase it.

One of them is wearing small circular glasses.
a cheap standard winter coat, and a high school
class ring on his broken middle finger,
unable to remove it. He asks the girl
to his right, who wears a sweater
black and white, if she has made
her choice about his offer regarding
the movies.

She tells him she’s still thinking,
and they all head out for drinking
at the same old bar they’ve been to
since they were children.
They see a group of fifteen year old
kids crowded around the pinball machine,
and it reminds them of themselves when
they were younger. They offer them anything
they wanted from the bar,
but it seemed like they were all just excited
that somebody saw them.

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