Why I’m Up So Early

I saw you in my dreams
last night, and if the omens
are right I must have crossed
your mind. We sat together
both looking as old as we are now.
Your hair long and worn down
no longer pulled back like a little girl.
I couldn’t tell how I looked to you,
and most of me was afraid to know,
but still there was something nagging
like crickets in the night
when we would meet half way,
and walk to kill the time.
You lived in my favorite city
now, and took strolls across
bright yellow bridges.
You looked down at your
face in the river, and
I hoped that you liked what you saw.
I’ve been afraid you felt pain
at the thought of me.
When I woke up I was happy
to have seen you, but I
didn’t want to go back to sleep
for as long as I could.

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