Last Day of Autumn

Blue tablets oval shaped to go down
as easy as possible.
Their job was to make it so Lina and Jim
didn’t get too excited around each other.
The corporate printed books in their graffiti
covered lockers were so much more important
than any feelings.

Still there was a glow around the rim
of their hearts, although the light was dampened.
They stared across their leaf covered yards
under overcast skies and locked their eyes
together through the distance.
Her makeup just two dark lines on her eyelids,
and in his pocket a knife stolen perfectly
from his father’s nightstand.

They set out for each other over ice cold streets.
Dogs on chains acted deranged,
although they were sure that
they would’ve been nice
if they had gotten to know them.
Old people raking their yards turned their heads
as they passed, taking note of two more sinners
fresh to pray for.

Both of them had C.D. Players
because their parents
liked the deals on used machinery.
They jumped around the numbered tracks
trying to imagine the other’s reaction
when they finally got a chance to listen.

The second they were in sight of each other
they broke into a run, then sat below
the setting sun not wanting time to continue,
but nothing could stop it.
They played each other’s favorite songs
and talked about a world of wrongs
considering the cost of breaking out of it.

The heat between them melted any interference,
and they did everything they weren’t supposed to.
Out there in the leaves wrapped up in pure light,
when the sky was every color all at once.

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