A pure white stag with eyes
like setting suns and pupils
the same shape as infinity.
Tangled in its antlers
is about three feet of razor wire
drawing blood that drips down
across its face.

An asteroid in stable orbit
home to a sleek factory.
Where the rough shapes
of human bodies are carved
out of silica by glass arms,
and flesh is projected upon them
for optics only.

Ships like skyscrapers on their sides
flew too close to planets and stars
that all, from a distance,
looked like spinning orbs
of agate and marble.

One person given all the power
whether through the mind
or through the body.
Their costume like a second skin.
The husk of greatness rarely earned,
and wrapped in that they find their
equal opposite.

A wasteland of perfect wilderness
made up of dark green forests
and bright orange deserts.
The people there were killers
gunning each other down
for money and pride.

Some never left
that world behind,
unable to say goodbye.
They slowly sauntered out
the open doorway.

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