South Main

I watched a red haired girl,
from the window of my car,
while I was stopped at a busy red light.
She was in a long black dress,
covered in roses, that looked painted.
A cloud of smoke trailed her wherever she went
from the cigarette she held between her fingers.

Further up the road I saw another girl,
sitting on a bench, playing video games.
The light coming out of the screen
covered her face like a mask.
The faint sounds echoing from the small speakers
clearly of another world.
The clicking of the buttons
rapid like the rounds of a machine gun.

Behind her was a garbage truck next to an auto parts store.
The man who rode on the back now stood off to the side,
as the truck ate all the rusted bin contained within it.
He juggled some bones that fell out of a bag,
flipping the three of them from one hand to the next,
only stopping when it was time for them to go.
The light turned green but the traffic was slow.

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