Mood Ring

The window was open letting in cold air
that slowly woke her up.
There was a note, on the crocheted blanket,
next to her that said he just ran to the store.
As she rubbed her eyes to clear her sight
she thought back on the other night,
and the two of them holding hands
as they walked through the city.

This was her first time alone in his room,
and he would be returning soon
so she took the chance
to take in the entire habitat.
She kicked piles of shirts to the side
and paced around the hardwood floors.
Her bare feet and legs still cold,
but it helped her get moving.

The piles of books on his desk
all had covers with space ships,
or women with blood covered swords
and unnatural breasts.
She knew of the authors
but they weren’t her thing,
in a small wooden box she found
some coins and a ring.
It was the kind that changed its
color based on what you were feeling.

She slid it on her middle finger
and held her hand up to the light.
The stone morphed like a shifting cloud
and couldn’t keep its shade of white.
Bright red like the lipstick in the pocket of her jeans.
She waited there, now in a small blanket tent,
for him to return and explain what it meant.

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