A Take On Things, To Take Or Leave

No one is thinking about you.
That isn’t something to be upset about.
They are all caught up with themselves
like spiders stuck in their own webs.
The way they struggle against the thread
still looks like they’re coming after you,
but again, they aren’t, so don’t be afraid.
Resentful thoughts and imaginary arguments
are like doing nothing but shadow boxing.
You’ll just develop more bad habits,
and be out of your depth when faced
with the real thing.
I wish I could tell you
you’ll never have to take any hits,
but you will and the pain
will be excruciating,
but in the end they are a reminder
you are alive.
You’ll die though one day,
have no illusions about that.
This isn’t a bad thing either really,
having all this just as temporary
as the run time of a movie
you get to be at the center of,
and the seats are all empty so the boring parts
and mistakes mean ultimately nothing.
Let the whole thing play as it wants to,
and let the film melt inside the projector.
The screen will fade to black all on its own.

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