History of the World

Piles of books stacked crooked
next to blue dumpsters with a cartoon
snake, painted yellow looking confused,
above the name of the disposal company.
The covers of the tomes saturated
with prisms of all the basic shapes
signifying math, and the others were
laden with globes to denote the history
of the world.

A girl with hair like long blue
cobwebs kicked a beer can into
the pile knocking it down.
She drank smoke from a cigarette,
with no filter, held perfectly between
the studs in both her lips.
A field empty of crops simmered
in the sun like a stew of nothing
but mud, and weeds that would grow
into monsters if they weren’t culled.
At its far edge was a place
where thousands of throats
smiled red like the jaws of clowns.
No one ever left this town,
and didn’t find themselves
pulled back in the dark
of their sleep.

Dumb kids with sticks
looked for glowing eyes
in the night, to let out,
what they were forced
to take in, and the blades
of their knives
were incredibly thin.

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