Coolers chill, full of half melted ice,
and soaked cans of sugar and beer.
You make contact with the eyes
of a girl for a brief moment as she
looks up and then all you see is fear.

The chattering across the crowd,
all there for sex and sound,
stops. Their palms and fingers
against the dirt and grass are absorbed
into the moment, like a plant getting
chewed on by an aphid.

Some see it only as a sign from God,
and others as the ultimate height of technology.
Shaking the thin clouds from the sky
into light rain, its massive light begins
to drain the color from their eyes.

Just as you anticipate the finale
it recedes back to where it came from.
Like a shadow in the corner of your eye.
Out of sight of the world, the silence
continues, for a while as it dawns on you all
that no one will ever believe you.

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