Looking up makes them feel like they
are falling down. The only cover they
have left is in the scenery.

Throwing rocks
at the metal antenna, sticking out from
the side of the garage, sends ripples through
the picture on the screen.

Commercials strum the gaps between
their ribs and the sound is like when
someone breaks a moment into pieces.

The black and beige plastics from old
electronics are taped to detached car doors
by kids in the junkyard.

They are constantly attacked by dogs
and scavengers, making everything
they have out of the broken components
scattered around them.

Basic coin tricks are done close up
for maximum effect, but the rewards
are scarce to say the least.

She was in love with the idea of her
priest but knew that, in the scheme
of things, nothing ever could live up
to all she hoped for.

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