Suspended in their sleep they dig
the trenches deep. Defenses are up
all around them and the skies are
kept cloudy thanks to a constant
stream of something purely dark.
Liquefied sun is sold in fast food bags,
distributed directly in the back seats of cars
made in the 90s.
They drink it mixed with green soda and
drive down the tunnel that acts as a front
door to the city. The lights that flicker
and surround them start to blur like
every image of the future, and no one
had the right amount of days.
On the other side their eyes started to glide,
and for a second it felt like they were onto
something. The music in the speakers
lacked crucial components, but they filled
in all the gaps like fixing the jackpot.
At a red light in the center of town, they are
the only car on the road tonight.
She walks across the street and keeps
on going.

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