As It First Starts To Run

Unfolded ash covered paperclips scattered
across the coffee table, leave traces of
themselves long after they’re gone.
The other night in the hectic daze of the
crowd her heart had never beat that loud.
The bricks on all the buildings fell to pieces.
Annihilation for entertainments sake.
They all believe the world is fake, and
no one ever cared enough to touch it.
It all just slips away sometimes like trapped
flies behind the blinds, occasionally things
show up and just surprise you.
Unlimited futures in the reflections of
cathedral windows, but only on the outside
toward the streets. Rejecting false apologies,
they set off fire works with nothing but hope                                                                                      that the fire spreads. It contained itself
though, through the heat of the sun.
A wolf pulls water past its teeth with its
tongue, and howls at the end as it first
starts to run.

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