Dandelion Seeds

She drinks tea with a book, outside
on her break, and just sits on a bench
among the dandelion seeds.
He digs his pencil into the blue boxes
where he writes the numbers, and his
heart skips when he sees how much longer
he’ll be chained to the task.
She was too nervous to tell him that he
left his phone charger behind her nightstand
after last weekend. They both wondered from
moment to moment whether the other ever thought
about what happened.
The wine was so good it made the setting sun look
blue to them, or was it just the moon taking over
its shift? They wondered who all this time belonged
to anyway because it certainly didn’t belong to them.
Using the same sheets she brought with her through college
and her early apartments they wrapped themselves together
while they could, and were grateful to whatever let them be.

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