Past The Clouds

Ruthless thoughts are on the docket
because living with yourself is a chore.
You could step out into space if you wanted
right from the place where you stand on the shore.
The sky has fallen before in more ways than we
can make up myths about.
Why panic about something that’s inevitable.

It’s really just incredible how much time
falls between the couch cushions like
the crumbs from our various snacks.
We are constantly feeding the darkness by
doing nothing, and we are starting to see how
difficult it is to find the light.

I hope for our sake that there is no way out.
We need for everyone to have to get it right.
If we could wash our hands of it everyone
would, and there would be no point to anything,
which is how it could be anyway.

People mix greasy food with vodka and walk
from one machine to the other looking for
something to shake them awake.
At the very least they’re trying to find
an arm big enough to hold them against
the sky to see if there’s anything they forgot about
up there, past the clouds.

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