Driving Past A Row Of Trees

The stair case at the front of the building
had five steps, and each one possessed it’s own
specific problem. People scavenged for
replacement computer parts in piles of
plastic and mud, rarely able to use what
they pulled from the lowest layers.

Created environments of high value facilitate
a connection to the moment that started everything.
When the atoms in her hands were swirling around
with the others from the hundreds of movie screens
she’d sit in front of in her life. Something knew all the
ways things would become connected even if it was only
based on guesses.

Driving past a row of trees, the sun was setting behind,
created a strobe effect that rapidly shifted the
aperture of her pupils making it difficult to focus.
She remembered the day she followed everyone to their
secret room but didn’t go in after them. She just waited
outside with her ear pressed against the door.

They laid everything out from beginning to conclusion.
From the industrial revolution to the collapse of the
workforce as a whole. Human beings are full of variables
that directly effect the others around them, and they are never
off the hook for what that means.

Decisions made by a select few dice rollers with gambling
problems travel downward like the snow in an avalanche
taking more and more with them as they fall.
Some of the lost have a tattoo of the number zero on the back
of their hands representing their complete incapability of making
anything happen. This doesn’t stop them from wandering through
the thinly populated regions of the nation and throwing handfuls
of seeds over their shoulders as they walk.

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