Old Sword

People argue about the logistics
of going places and never get anywhere.
The wallpaper has a huge diagonal gash
that goes from one corner of the wall to
the other.

The buses that run on wires skulk the streets
looking for people that are lost and need
something solid to go off of. It’s easily
provided because when you’re attached
to something outside yourself it’s a lot
harder to run away.

Disposable coffee cups overflow the trash
cans on the sidewalk and start to tumble out
into the street. They are kicked by people
walking their dogs who are frustrated by
the amount of trash the city allows to pile

At night the street lamps come on and a man
in a long coat leans against one while he smokes
a cigarette he rolled in the shelter of the alley.
The hat on his head is falling apart so the brim
has worn edges like an old sword that hasn’t been
sharpened in ages.

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