Value Of A Bag Of Gold

Months on the calendar look like
the grids on the pages of notebooks
meant for math. They beg you to add
up your days and take inventory of
all your time. Observing anything
inherently changes whatever is observed,
and if you want to survive out here
on the game board all aspects of yourself
must be measured like the size of a caught fish.
Of course there’s no telling what effects all this
watching has on what’s around us. It could
even be the reason things keep turning,
considering we always seem to expect them to.
No one makes plans for the world to
fall apart, and the ones that do are outcasts
only good for reality television.
Bags of seeds sit quietly by the front
door, in case the federal reserve ever finally
melts back into the depths, and they become
equivalent to bags of gold straight from
the earth we return them to.

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