The parallel fences are made of large bones
and sculpted to look like the double
helices in our blood. The scarecrows wait
around all day and are suspended by a
system of ropes and mechanisms much
more sophisticated than the normal style
in the echo of crucifixion. She sits on a hill
overlooking this and re-ties the laces on her
shoes so their grip doesn’t fade and leave
her soles exposed for the jagged ground she
is headed for. A council of colossal beings is
held frequently in a dimension where empty
space can be walked on like the dense
marble of a museum floor. They drink beer
made from the plasma that curdles on the
surface of red stars; the foam from which
could drown our world infinite times over.
They are discussing, without words,
what they plan to do with the girl on the hill,
and sometimes they don’t always agree.

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