I sometimes get the names of songs wrong
and look foolish when I try to talk about them.
She never cleans her car so the finger print
I left on her mirror the first time we were together
is still there looking back at whoever is driving in reverse.

Old haunted buildings breakdown on our streets, and
become nothing by the triggers of memories in the people
that remember what they truly were. In this country if no one
wants to pay for something then it isn’t valuable, and that
leads to a lot of corpses in the variety of places and people.

Everyone in private knows that public life is a series of facades
we are all trying desperately to escape from. We are told not to pretend
anymore when we get to a certain age, but all we’ve ever learned
how to do is lie to those around us and to ourselves. Growing up is
following these untruths back to the source like a cord to its place
in the wall and pulling the plug on all things that are not in service to
the inner spark at the center of the heart.

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