Rivers and People

The white water is loudly running
toward the ocean, and that’s as complicated
as its world gets. Unless you look below
the surface, then you’ll see that there’s
actually much more going on than just
the current moving things along.
It’s much calmer down there though, and
I think that’s the main difference between
rivers and people. We all can look calm on
the outside while under our skin we are just
as chaotic as the rapids. It scares me sometimes
how loose of a grip I actually have over myself,
and it’s even more frightening considering
everyone else. We don’t actually want real
freedom for this very reason because real
freedom doesn’t require holding anything back.
I can feel in the very cells of my body generations
of anger that was never let out and it screams and
bangs on the membranes with heavy fists.
There is no easy answer for this and I’m not
some advertisement claiming to have it. Think of
this more as a crude sign erected in front of a raging
stream warning travelers that the best way to get across
is to find a bridge.

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