Sidewalk Damage

There’s a crack in the sidewalk in
front of their house, and at night
you could sit on the front porch to
watch the passing drunk people trip
on it. A woman with a voice that
sounded European, but not English
in any way, mans the prize booth at
a small carnival, and encourages the people,
who can’t pop balloons with darts, to try again.
They hand out tabs of acid at the entrance to the
fun house and the mazes become an actual challenge.
Many of the participants are confused as to why they
included a swarm of real bats in what was supposed
to be an innocent attraction. Upon their exit most were
surprised to hear that there were no bats at all.
From the top of the Ferris wheel I look over the crowds
and try to catch a glimpse of you. I finally do, and you are
standing by a trash can drinking beer from a paper cup, and
for almost a second I actually consider trying to fly.

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