Never follow instructions or chase
orbs of light into your local woods.
Folk singers that strum lightly on
dilapidated guitars will tell the best
lies to get the smallest bit of cash to
put towards drugs. This doesn’t apply
to everyone, but forgetting all embarrassing
moments will only serve you by diminishing
shame. However, sometimes shame can be good.
It’s understood that the people who mumble
hateful words to themselves are basically
sliding the darkest parts of the dictionary across
their wrists. Pretty girls do the twist at the dance
and ignore everyone that’s too shy to move away from
the wall. We will all stand tall when we get there and
understand that there is no containing the the bright
spark in our guts that comes together at night in our dreams.
Being polite is a challenge sometimes, and the cracks running
down the sides of our giant clocks are getting worse and worse
it’s like they’re cursed and they might be. The streets at night here are
so dark that you can’t see. He breaks the door of the cage and sets
the birds free.

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