The Ghosts In Any House

Silhouettes of antennas on the street
create a path to the doorway home.
There is a can full of paint balanced
poorly at the top of the ladder, and
no one does anything about it until it falls.
We can’t seem to place the exact spot where
we left all of skulls we found on our
trip through the basement of the old
gray house on the corner. No one
lives there now, but there’s still a couple
of chairs in the attic that we sit in
while we hide from the people getting
high in the alleys. Although, they probably
weren’t looking for us anyway.
Don’t give yourself the disadvantage of
trying to look at things a special way.
The ghosts in any house are just the
noises aging walls create in the nighttime,
and anything else is just a manifestation of
panic. The paintings on the walls are now
all just the same frame of a black square,
consumed by a layer of dust.

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