Take all your dreams off the shelf
and tear the for sale sign in half.
No one’s buying them for what they’re
worth anyway so you might as well hold
onto what you have. Just a bunch of
lost people wandering aimlessly
arms overflowing with the different
hopes they’ve conjured just to stay
awake. You can spot the enemy because
all they do is take and twist things to
be more in line with the philosophies
of the children who drank milk from
a wolf. Unlimited thought and perception
used only for good and only for peace
creates large gatherings of people that
want only laughter and the building of
bridges between the separate realities we
find ourselves in. There is a current in the
waters of time, and it is stirred by the gravitational
forces of ideas.
They have all of our deaths at their finger tips, but it
still won’t be enough. We have spoken with the
reaper and he has agreed to lend us his scythe
while he takes a day to read books about
poisons, and paints the walls of his house
to look like a galaxy.

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