Afflictions Of A Friendless Person

I was walking up a hill once
and I was so high I thought I
saw an eyeball, with the veins
still attached, rolling toward me.
This caused me to step out into
the street for a moment and watch
it pass by, which was when I could
tell that it was actually just a marble.
A couple of kids were chasing after
it. They gave me confused looks like I was
dumber than them, but it was probably
more evenly matched than they thought.
I didn’t go to that side of the subdivision
very often because of all the times the people
there caught me painting mock ups of cartoon
characters on the sides of mailboxes at night.
I understand now that it was technically vandalism,
but my intention was just to do something nice for
the neighborhood. I practiced for weeks in my
basement with colored pencils and pieces of printer
paper I stole out of the copier at the library.
I guess I didn’t really steal it since they caught me
and told me that if I wanted paper I could have just
asked. That’s my main problem, it seems, I have a
hard time approaching the people I need to. I think
it’s because of something in their eyes.

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