Playgrounds For Ghosts

Landscapers carry numerous gargoyle
statues out of the back of their truck
and place them almost haphazardly
around the garden across the street.
If you look closely at any carpet there’s
always bits of something caught up in
the vast forest of fibers.
Rowdy kids with toilet paper turn
entire streets into playgrounds
for ghosts and are never caught due to
the masks they wear which depict the
faces of their teachers.
Drooping white lines now connect
the once separate statues together
until it rains in the early morning
and the labor of the night before
turns into a foaming mush.
Men with hair only on the sides
of their head use snow shovels to
scoop up all the gunk and toss it
into identical plastic trash bins.
Most aren’t angry though they understand
the urge to make things unravel
over top of actual reality, and a part of them
wishes they had been there for it.

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