Brave Enough

The stones in the creek that wobble ever so slightly when you walk across them are polished continuously by the moving water. Looking straight down at the checkerboard floors of the museum always made her feel like she was falling, and the larger than life characters on the high ceilings didn’t look like they cared […]

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The people carrying box fans on their backs stop for a moment to wash the mud off their hands in the stream. Without thinking the passenger throws a plastic wrapper over his shoulder into the backseat, forgetting that this was his friend’s car, and quickly turns around to try and find it on the floor. […]

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Playgrounds For Ghosts

Landscapers carry numerous gargoyle statues out of the back of their truck and place them almost haphazardly around the garden across the street. If you look closely at any carpet there’s always bits of something caught up in the vast forest of fibers. Rowdy kids with toilet paper turn entire streets into playgrounds for ghosts […]

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