Revenge And Some Fun

They broke his jaw for talking back,
and left it dangling there attached only
by the skin. Light vortexes of loose snow
were crystal clear in the street lights, but
invisible under nothing but the moon.
The clock tower has become unreadable
due to the neglect of it’s drunken caretaker,
but it isn’t like people looked up at it anyway.
They pay them pennies to mail out bills to
people that don’t remember what they’re supposed
to be paying for, and when they are ignored
they call in the dogs that love to bite even more than
licking their own balls.
The learning annex is full of people trying to figure
out how to defend themselves so they practice a
few tricks on how to keep people from mugging them.
This does them very little good because the only
thieves left just pretend to be your friend.
If this is the case though how does someone
end up with a jaw hanging on by only a few
tendons? That wasn’t for money or personal gain,
but simply revenge and some fun.

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