Crooked shelves on black bookcases hold texts that are in disarray and unread. Carvers make swirls and designs of foliage throughout all the wood in the library, and don’t think twice about whether or not they’re doing the right thing. Outside there are people bending street signs and making obscene gestures at the sky; while […]

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The Fourth

Arcade machines with broken screens are stacked in piles next to a crumbling statue of some guy in old clothes. A woman raking leaves tells her son the story about how the world got to where it was, and doesn’t leave out all the details involving graphic violence. Something with seventeen eyes and twice as […]

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Revenge And Some Fun

They broke his jaw for talking back, and left it dangling there attached only by the skin. Light vortexes of loose snow were crystal clear in the street lights, but invisible under nothing but the moon. The clock tower has become unreadable due to the neglect of it’s drunken caretaker, but it isn’t like people […]

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