She’s like the rings around
the planet just beyond the darkest
parts of Jupiter.
So clearly beautiful but far outside
what anyone could hold.
She stands in the rain at the rest stop
waiting for anyone to offer her a ride.
Another way that she can wait around
and let the candles melt inside her
blue eyes so she cannot even see.
She keeps the temperature control
of the car on the red side, or else
it likely isn’t even on.
Even on the days when winter’s gone
and everyone is happy to be out here,
on this snow globe caught within
the relative infinity.
She starts an abandoned station wagon
with just some wire cutters and a screw driver
she found in the backseat.
It takes her as far as Eastern Indiana
where she leans against
the guardrail on the port side of a bridge,
and counts up all the misunderstandings
that could have lead her there
to simply stare at water from
the view point of human in the air.

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