Pictures of the same events
recycled since they’re all that we’ve
been waiting for and any more is
always out of reach.
The hollow hills are weird to walk on
since your footsteps echo down
through all the structure that you cannot
see from up there in a vantage point so perfect.
It is everything but always so much higher.

Easily distracted by the radio
and how it says that things should be.
Another year of this frugality
while the unspent dollars pile up
in digital swimming pools
that no one else can see.
More explosions arrive at fruition
and when the buildings fall
they slide apart diagonally
like they were hacked apart
by something with an ax.

The music is always at max
in people’s headphones
while they meander between
the places they are tied to,
and try to slide through
any space to just go home
and wait for everything
change again, while all their friends
are somewhere by themselves.

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