No One Else

Mixing together places
from your past when walking
from one dream to the next.
It is nighttime and you are alone
in the parking lot of your
old high school, trying to
find your car.
You can read the digital clocks
through the open windows,
and they are all different
telling you nothing, and so
you ignore them.
There are bats hanging from
the top of the fence around
the tennis courts and they just
watch you as you pass while
some of them yawn.
You are in the audience of a show
that doesn’t make sense.
The sets are all abstract shapes
on ropes that descend from the ceiling
and crack open the floor.
The fissure becomes a door
for costumed girls in only red
to climb out of.
They slide around the stage like
it was made of ice, and make eye
contact with only you, which makes
you glance to your left and right
and realize no one else is even there.

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