What’s There To Get

Blind turns onto busy streets
keep people guessing
from the very start of their day.
Paint runs off the banners
down the sides of brick buildings,
and makes the streets look
like they’re filling up with blood.

A whole new kind of flood
no one saw coming.
Holographic day dreams
with faint inclinations
of a worse tomorrow.
The kind of building
that makes you never
want to go back.

Waiting room articles with pictures
out of medical textbooks reminding
them what they’re in for.
Looking nervously at other people’s
shoes to keep from slamming their faces
into the decorative paintings on the walls.

Featureless human shapes dangling
from chains attached to the fingers
of something much bigger.
It does shows for itself facing a mirror,
but never others, always worried
they won’t get it.

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