Not thinking while standing too close
to the edge of our apartment’s roof
helps us get control of the friction
between the past and our brains.
There is a model train that runs in
circles around the house of the girl
who lent us a few seeds one time when
we wanted to try and help something
grow. Sometimes the pool at the center
of the complex doesn’t always get covered,
and the kids from the various buildings will
try and push each other in as a joke.
The electrical work was all done by someone
who only vaguely understood what they
we’re doing; resulting in the breaker boxes
not being able to close due to the massive
knots of exposed wires. People that are
wrong dig deep complex tunnels in
their backyards looking for anything they
can find. While everyone else just watches
re-runs of shows where the camera is fuzzy
and an invisible audience losses their shit
over every line.

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