Out Of The Net

Paralysis of the spirit takes hold when
the images in the mind become so clouded
the viewer cannot remember which were
theirs and which were put there by others.
Drops of oil create small multi-colored
puddles where the ground has warped into
the shape of a a bowl, and create fear in the
faces of the people that have to pay to fix
the leaks. Decisions are too scrutinized no
matter how they are approached. If you make
one too early than you acted rashly, but if
you make one too late you’re too indecisive.
Where is this sweet spot that carries no
derision and just culminates in the right thing
being done at the right time?
A black heart the size of two bowling balls smashed
together is pulled from the ocean in a fisherman’s net,
and the crew spends hours staring at it laying lifeless
on the deck covered in rain.

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